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Sculpting Her Body Perfect 2nd Ed

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Ultimate Women?s Bodysculpting Book

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240 Pages. By Brad Schoenfeld. Have you been working out but not getting the results you desire If you're seeking improved muscle tone, a slim physique, or toning of specific problem areas, Sculpting Her Body Perfect will help you create your ideal body shape.

Fitness expert Brad Schoenfeld one of the most sought-after personal trainers in the United Stateshas combined his years of experience to produce this system, specifically tailored toward the unique training needs and goals of women. The routines can be performed at home as well as in the gym, making this program completely accessible and convenient.

Sculpting Her Body Perfect starts with body conditioning, building a foundation for muscle development, then adds shape and tone, refining the muscles you have developed. Targeted bodysculpting will smooth out any remaining problem areas and add definition to complete your new look.

Sculpting Her Body Perfect also contains training tips from many of the world's top fitness models. In addition, special pregnancy and maintenance plans are included.

Enjoy the rewards of enhanced strength, improved posture, elevated energy, and reduced stress. And, in the meantime, develop a terrific body!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Sculpting the Ultimate Body
Chapter 2 Warm Up and Flexibility
Chapter 3 Body Conditioning
Chapter 4 Toning and Shaping
Chapter 5 Targeted Bodysculpting
Chapter 6 Sexy Chest
Chapter 7 Hourglass Back
Chapter 8 Shapely Shoulders
Chapter 9 Beautiful Biceps
Chapter 10 Toned Triceps
Chapter 11 Defined Quads
Chapter 12 Lean Hamstrings and Glutes
Chapter 13 Diamond Calves
Chapter 14 Six-Pack Abs
Chapter 15 Fat Burning With Aerobics
Chapter 16 Safe Workouts During Pregnancy
Chapter 17 Maintaining Your Physique


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