Torson Body Bolster with Instructional DVD

What is Torson Body Bolster?

Body Bolster is a back support and a flexibility and conditioning tool. It is adjustable to suite any body shape and size. BodyBolster is made from Torflex, a soft latex-free medical grade PVC which provides it malleability and a comfy skin-like feel.

What makes the BodyBolster unique

Its adjustable valve allows you to deflate it with a squeeze, and with another twist of the valve, it self inflates. No need to blow it up! The BodyBolster comes with a DVD user guide.

Torson Body Bolster Instructional DVD includes:

  • 13 Neck and back release exercises
  • 11 Core strength and stability exercises
  • 13 Stretches for the whole body
  • 10 Seated back and neck stretches. Size differs with amount of air inside.

Torson Body Bolster Photo

Body Bolster

You may but it from this link: Buy Torson Body Bolster

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