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Hippity Hop Balls and Rody Ride On Horse

Many toys today are focused on creating fun but are not aimed at developing other skills that help children grow in a more healthy way. Especially now that technology has taken over physical fun, it is also great to choose toys that promote active play without losing all the fun. When it comes to physical activity and fun, bouncy toys with handles, such as Rody Ride on Horse and Hippity Hop Balls Read more [...]

Medicine Ball – Medicine Ball Exercises and Safety

What is a Medicine Ball A medicine ball is a weighted ball used for exercises to improve strength, fitness, and coordination. It is also used for rehabilitation for sportsmen to recover from injuries. Medicine ball is also called exercise ball, a med ball, or a fitness ball but it should not be confused with the inflated exercise ball which comes larger in size. Medicine ball can be made of nylon, Read more [...]

Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball Exercises A Swiss ball, also known as an exercise ball, stability ball, or physioball, is a somewhat big bouncy ball you find at the gym that will help train different parts of your body. History of Swiss balls The Swiss ball was developed in 1963 as a toy called Gymnastik, by Italian engineer Aquilino Cosani. From being a toy, it was later used in pediatric neurological rehabilitative Read more [...]

Pilates Softgym Ball / Overball Use & Benefits

Pilates Softgym Ball Pilates Soft Gym Overball has been popular as a slow-motion ball Because of its soft cover and light weight. Pilates ball is ideal for Pilates, pelvic floor training, strengthening exercises, or even as a support cushion. Each Softgym Overball is delivered with an exercise brochure with 8 pages & a straw for inflation. Pilates Softgym Ball Photo You can buy pilates softgym Read more [...]

Gymnic Arte Multi Coloured Fitballs at 300kg

Gymnic Arte Fitballs Gymnic Arte Fitballs are product as the Fitballs but with unique colour pattern. The colors are added in the manufacturing process. The result is that every ball is unique. This is perfect for those who like something special beyond uniformity. Gymnic Arte Fitballs Photo You may but Gymnic Arte Fitball from this link: Buy Gymnic Arte Read more [...]

Aku Ball

Aku Ball

Do you need a highly tactile ball? The AkuBall is perfect for the person who wants a highly tactile ball, but who prefers firmer texture than the Sensory Ball. See photo of Aku Ball below.

Aku Ball Photo

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Airex Balance Pad Elite

Airex Balance Pad Elite The Airex Balance Beam can be used for a wide variety of applications including rehabilitation, balance training and coordination. The destabilizing properties of the Airex Beams super-soft"" specialty foam is suitable for use in the restoration and training of motor skills and balance. Benefits of Airex Balance Pad Elite The Airex Balance Beam combines both exercise Read more [...]