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What is a Disc O Sit Cushion by Fitball Australia

What is a Disc O Sit or Disc\'O\'Sit The Disc O Sit is a circular cushion that may be inflated slighlty, so it provides a sort of instability. Where a ball is somehow impractical, it may be useful. Like for example, such instance if someone needs to move from one place to another for their work. If OH&S officers don't understand the balls' use, or if the work environment is not suitable for a Fitball. Read more [...]

Movin ‘Sit Ergonomic Seating / Cushion

What is Movin Sit? The Movin 'Sit is a wedge-shaped ergonomic cushion. It may be inflated a bit. The spine have a natural S-curve, which is usually flattened out when seated on normal chairs. or with habitual poor posture. The Movin'Sit tips the pelvis slightly, helping the spine maintain its right curve. Since the wedge is inflated, it is somehow unstable - just like the ball. So it gives almost Read more [...]