Gymnic Arte Multi Coloured Fitballs at 300kg

Gymnic Arte Fitballs Gymnic Arte Fitballs are product as the Fitballs but with unique colour pattern. The colors are added in the manufacturing process. The result is that every ball is unique. This is perfect for those who like something special beyond uniformity. Gymnic Arte Fitballs Photo You may but Gymnic Arte Fitball from this link: Buy Gymnic Arte Read more [...]

Freeball Vinyl Play Balls for Massage & Therapy

What is a Freeball? A freeball or Freeballs are small pliable vinyl balls. They can be used for body massage, pediatric therapy, finger dexterity, massaging scar tissue, and many more. Free balls are robust play balls in various sizes for multiple uses. Freeballs Photo Freeballs in blue, red, yellow, and green. You can buy freeballs from this link: Freeball for Sale Read more [...]

Movin ‘Sit Ergonomic Seating / Cushion

What is Movin Sit? The Movin 'Sit is a wedge-shaped ergonomic cushion. It may be inflated a bit. The spine have a natural S-curve, which is usually flattened out when seated on normal chairs. or with habitual poor posture. The Movin'Sit tips the pelvis slightly, helping the spine maintain its right curve. Since the wedge is inflated, it is somehow unstable - just like the ball. So it gives almost Read more [...]

ActivaRoll for Foot Massage, Back Support, & more!

ActivaRoll ActivaRoll is a cylinder shaped roll. It is inflatable with dimension 15cm x 12cm. It is soft with dimples intended for increased sensitivity for users. It is also ideal for foot massage. Active roll application may include using it as a lumbar roll back support when you are seated. It can massage and stimulate blood flow to many areas of the body. ActivaRoll Image Read more [...]

Aku Ball

Aku Ball

Do you need a highly tactile ball? The AkuBall is perfect for the person who wants a highly tactile ball, but who prefers firmer texture than the Sensory Ball. See photo of Aku Ball below.

Aku Ball Photo

Buy Aku Ball here: Buy AkuBall

Airex Balance Pad Elite

Airex Balance Pad Elite The Airex Balance Beam can be used for a wide variety of applications including rehabilitation, balance training and coordination. The destabilizing properties of the Airex Beams super-soft"" specialty foam is suitable for use in the restoration and training of motor skills and balance. Benefits of Airex Balance Pad Elite The Airex Balance Beam combines both exercise Read more [...]